‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Book vs. Movie

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A couple of weeks ago, the highly anticipated film adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue hit the silver screen, sending waves of excitement through fans of the beloved book. Directed by Matthew López, the movie brought the enchanting love story of Prince Henry and America’s First Son, Alex, to life with remarkable finesse. However, as with many book-to-movie adaptations, it’s not without its differences. Let’s delve into the changes made in this delightful journey from page to screen.


The Parental Dynamic

In the book, Alex’s parents are divorced, and his mother, Ellen, has a partner named Leo, who plays a significant role as the “First Gentleman.” In the movie, Alex’s parents are still happily together, portraying a loving marriage. This shift adds a unique twist to their family dynamic.


Alex’s Sister

In the book, Alex has a journalist sister, June, who plays a notable role. However, in the movie, June’s character is conspicuously absent, and some of her responsibilities are taken up by Alex’s best friend, Nora Holleran played by Rachel Hilson. The movie adaptation presents Alex as an only child, modifying the family dynamic.

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Nora’s Evolution

With the absence of Alex’s sister, Nora Holleran’s, character goes through significant changes in the movie. In the book, she is a bisexual computer whiz, while in the film, her character evolves to take on some of June’s traits, making her a pivotal figure in the narrative.


Age and Ambitions

One noticeable alteration in the film adaptation is the age of the characters. In the book, Alex is an undergraduate student, while in the movie, he is portrayed as a law student. This change has a ripple effect on his involvement with his mother’s political campaign, which differs from the original story.


Introducing New Characters

The movie introduces a new character, Miguel Ramos, who was absent from the book. Miguel is a gay character who shares a romantic history with Alex and plays a crucial role in revealing the secret relationship between Alex and Henry. His inclusion adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

While these differences exist between the book and the movie adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue, they do not detract from the heartwarming and enchanting love story between Alex and Henry. Director Matthew López skillfully captures the chemistry between the two main characters, portrayed by Taylor Zakhar and Nicholas Galitzine.

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In the end, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the book or a newcomer to this captivating tale of love and politics, both the literary and cinematic versions offer a memorable experience. The movie may have taken creative liberties, but it stays true to the core of the story, celebrating the power of love in a world filled with politics, expectations, and hidden desires. ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ serves as a delightful reminder that love knows no boundaries, and its many forms are worth celebrating, whether on the page or on the screen.

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